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SOTA 11m

PostPosted: 21 Apr 2012, 19:15
by qrz11
What is SOTA 11m ?


SOTA 11m is an unincorporated association created on January 1st 2012, which brings together SOTA fanatics of 11 meters, this entity does not belong to any radio group, it is totally neutral.

Aim is to promote this kind of activities, to inform, to help those who want to start, but also to regroup in order to have an international recognition.

This concept permit also to implement and manage exciting contests.

In addition all the summits around the world aren't referenced on SOTAWATCH (Ham Radio SOTA database). Respecting the principles of validation and scoring of this nice Amateur program, we attribute references (and points) to the non referenced summits to be activated on 11m, so this permit to have a certain autonomy and more freedom.

Everybody can participate on SOTA 11m program (Hamradio, unlicensed radio enthusiasts, trekkers, or any friends), this is totally free, you just have to register / contact us by email: ... aillon.htm

All the members of this entity are volunteers and respect any evident democratic principles.