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1st Digi Days

PostPosted: 20 May 2014, 07:12
by 14JT65
In order to promote digital modes we are happy to propose you 2 days dedicated to these modes on june 14th and 15th. Frequency used will be 27.500 and 27.700 to 27.800
-CW, BPSK31, Olivia8/250 and other narrow modes calling frequency on 27.500Mhz
-SSTV calling frequency on 27.700
-DRM calling frequency on 27.733
Progressive number could be assign in order to know each other activity .
Each operator could be send his log book to
A complete report will be made and will be available asap on the web site and also be shared with some friends web site.

This is not a contest, only the pleasure to make good QSO's on digital modes and may be the opportunity for some operators starting in these modes, all will be welcome.
Come and join us for the digi-days. ... 1400454856

Re: 1st Digi Days

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2014, 03:50
by 2wr3636
i am new to digi modes but i am learning ros and psk31 27.635 has a lot of traffic are there other frequencies as well