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2 Elements Quad

2 Elements Quad

Postby qrz11 » 13 Feb 2011, 14:25

* TNX to 19 SD 348 *

2 elements Cubical Quad


The two element quad has a very good reputation.
If you are limited in space a 2 elements quad could be what you were
looking for.
A quad has a smaller turning radius that a yagi it has a lower noise level
and a slight higher gain.
Probarbly the best solution for its size.
Another advantege is that you still don't need a big rotator a small TV
rotor beneith this antenna is a long lasting solution.
The picture is from 19LD266 Nico besides his 6 or his 5 elements yagi he
also owns this 2 elements Quad.


Gain 5,15 dBD

Design freq = 27,55 Mhz
A = 11,04 m
B = 11,6 m
C = 1,50 m
Gain = 5,15 dBD
F/B = 24dB
Beamwith H = 74 deg
Bandwith 600 khz
Wire = 12 AWG


There are many commercial 2 elements availible please see chapter
commercial Quad for futher information.
But dont forget this is an antenna you could build perhaps with Bamboo
or fiberglass poles on a saturday afternoon.

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Quad and then some more Antenna experimenting

Postby WA1 » 28 Sep 2011, 03:59

This is my first attempt at making a home brew one element quad. It worked okay going with 102 inches on each leg of the dipole. I worked quite a few stations to the south-east, mostly the Carolinas. Really is nice to have with a vertical so you can get rid of some static. It also helps you work dx long after the others have went to bed. Got some good signal reports for being at only 18 feet off my back deck. I would have to say my home brew dipole at 30 feet or so using rg8x gave greater signal reports. Its kind of interesting at times using either one getting S 10 and 15 reports while they are only giving you a few S units and or your barely picking them up using a IMAX 2000 at 40 plus feet.

It was kind of strange how I ended up finding out that this antenna actually transmits its strongest signals on the side of it. Perhaps I did not use enough wire for the outside.

I next went on to make it 108 inches on each leg and added a rotor.

I now noticed it isnt giving greatest gain on edge of the cubicle quad now. It appears to be getting more static but this could be due to the rain we have been getting. I added a match section using about 9 feet of 75 ohm rg59u with the 1 to 1 Balun in line as well.

The swr seems to have come down well under the 1.7 I was getting with the previous attempt. I am using 14 gauge stranded wire btw. The used 50 dollar Gemini rotor appears to handle the load with no problems.

Over the last weekend using this antenna here near Chicago I was able to work my first Polish contact and Greenland again.

Great 5 by 7 and S 9 all weekend into Europe, including Scotland, U.K., Austria and Netherlands.

The last time I worked Greenland I was using another home brew of my own I call the Tomahawk Antenna, aka the Tiger Shark (still under top secret status)

The interesting part was that It has the gain of my full wave Bamby using only 3 mobile antennas. 2 5.5 foot fibreglass Francis sticks and one 90 inch Half Breed.

The rejection was about 1 db not as good as the full wave Bamby Quad.

Well there you have my last 3 months of antenna experimenting. Would love to here about yours.

Oh I forgot to mention the V mobile antenna that works really well.

( I worked Germany with it last week while driving into work one morning and have made several European contacts including the Caribbean and Division 3)

If you doubt how well any of these designs I have been using I have audio feeds of the contacts giving me 5 by 9 reports, sounding like a local, and my favourite from Owen in Jamaica. "Your like a Bull down here in Jamaica".

Here are some closing photos of what this Legendary DX hunter has been up to

I think this one we will call the "Buddy Basher Pole"

,,,,,hi hi :)

Best Regards, and good DX to you

Scott W A 1 Division 2 Great Lakes Region
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Re: 2 Elements Quad

Postby qrz11 » 29 Sep 2011, 11:40

Hi Scott

Well it seems you were quite busy the last few weeks.
TNX for your report.

Best 73s

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Re: 2 Elements Quad

Postby WA1 » 29 Sep 2011, 14:32

Hi Mike,

Well this actually has been over the past 4 weeks I would have to say when looking back. Last night when I got home from work the Quad swr is sky high. We have had alot of rain. There is one connection at the feed point that has not been soldered yet. I hope its not my Balun and just that connection. Will post update when I decide what to do next and the outcome of it. In looking up over my roof where I wanted to move it I am now thinking it may be too large to place there.


Scott WA1 - Great Lakes Region
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Re: 2 Elements Quad

Postby Pat-29QRZ11 » 29 Sep 2011, 15:09

Thanks for sharing Scott, Looking good ,

QRZ11 Forum Admin
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Re: 2 Elements Quad

Postby hairypaul » 31 Jan 2016, 16:48

Fine Business! looks like you have had plenty of antenna fun.. Having lost 11m 3ele yagi in the storms that have battered Scotland I have been looking at having a bash with a 2ele Quad.. Would you have any idea if the wind loading factor of the 2ele quad would be greater or less than 3ele yagi wind loading?? My QTH is 700ft up the North side of the Southern Uplands of Scotland and we are exposed to incoming WX.. Materials are ready to go for new mast but wondering if 2ele quad is going to catch more or less wind load than the 3ele before I shell out for the materials.. Keep up the good work, 73 de Hairy Paul 108TM303,108PK303,108HS5625
The more you know the more there is to learn.
73 de Hairy Paul 108TM303, 108PK303, 108HS5625
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