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Hello dear users.

An update of the forum will follow in the near future and then the forum itself will also move to a new server.

When everything is ready, you will be notified by email.
It is therefore important that the email address assigned to your user account is correct.

If this is not the case, you should adjust it.

It may well be that the forum will be unavailable for some time due to the update.

Unfortunately, a certain amount of downtime cannot be prevented.

Therefore we ask for your understanding. We will of course try to keep the downtime as short as possible.

In this sense, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Your team from the qrz11 forum

About QRZ11

About QRZ11

Postby qrz11 » 15 Nov 2014, 09:37

How QRZ11.COM was founded

QRZ11 was founded in 2007 by Michael Rudloff (V51Q).
I thought that a site like QRZ.COM could also help the 11 meter community very much. So the idea of QRZ11.COM was born.

Within a short period of time, QRZ11.COM became the most popular 11 Meter band database and a help-platform for all 11 meter radio operators from all over the word. Here radio operators have the opportunity to register up to five QRZ's / Call-signs and publish there QSL-information. We also created an info and photo-area where you can write something about yourselves and upload a picture of either you, your station..... ! This information helps the 11 meter community in every way. Especially, when bad propagation, or any other disturbance interfere a nice QSO.

QRZ11.COM is owned and operated by Michael Rudloff and his Team and are located in Windhoek, Namibia. There is no storefront, no office building, no receptionist, and no paid staff. This low cost operating structure has enabled us to remain continuously online and free to the 11 meter community since January 2007.

What does QRZ mean?
Back in the days when radio telegraphy was widely used, QRZ was a shorthand code that meant, "Who is calling me?" It is still used today, even by voice operators during contests or when they simply didn't hear the complete call.

The name QRZ11 is owned by Mr. Michael Rudloff and protected world wide. The name can only be used in connection with 11 meter activities and with the OK by Mr. Michael Rudloff. Any illegal use or misuse of the name QRZ11 will be prosecuted.
Thank you for understanding.

The QRZ11 Team

Thank you for visiting the site and for your support.


Michael Rudloff
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