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Cluster DX27 Goes Responsive

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2017, 22:52
by Pat-29QRZ11
New layout on Cluster DX27

Hi all,

If you are one of our many Cluster users, I am sure you have noticed some changes lately. has gone "responsive"

What does this mean.

With so many devices on the market where you view the cluster pages, each
device has its own settings, screen resolution height, width etc,

The cluster pages now resize to suite your device weather its a laptop, tablet or smart phone.
See the screen shots below.

Full Screen

Half screen

There are some other changes as well,

The Cluster has its own page now, with last 20 spots showing,


You have a link to your own spots, with full search, so you cam look back at your DX contacts
(The cluster is still connected to CRX and LF11 clusters, but only spots inserted via DX27 will show)


Theme Color changer.
Now, you can chose from a light or dark screen,



Password changer
You can change your password, this is a new feature which the old cluster did not have


You can view and insert QSLM,s via this page
Please feel free to add any QSLM


On the activation's page, you can view the latest activation's which are listed with the start dates first. or just search for older one's
Please feel free to add your own activation's


Prefix list
The 351 prefix list is there for you to view and search via Country name or Prefix list number and now has google maps


Soon, we have an all new Android for your mobile phone,

If you are new to Cb radio, please consider joining the only 11 meter cluster on the 11 meter band.
DX27 , CRX LF11. Working together for the 11 meter band

Link here =

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch with me Pat at:

Thanks for reading,

Re: Cluster DX27 Goes Responsive

PostPosted: 01 Feb 2017, 09:22
by 68ns52
Really like the new format Pat.Cogratulations to all involved. ..😀

Re: Cluster DX27 Goes Responsive

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2017, 16:40
by Pat-29QRZ11
Many thanks Bertie,
Hope you are keeping well mate