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QDX 2.0

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2013, 21:54
by qrz11
QDX 2.0


New project name: QDX (former Query Freeband Division)

Show division number

Show ham prefixes

Show country-info "Extra" (including flag, area-size, population, languages,
cq-zone, itu-zone, iso-country-codes, coordinates ..)

Show continent

Finding the coordinates of your desired homelocation by entering country &
zip-code via google map api in the settings

Real-time greyline (updates every 1 minutes)

Weather conditions (wx) including map for each division

HF propagation conditions (from

Completly redesigned GUI in transceiver-style

Scrolling through countries via up/down buttons

Your local time, UTC-time and time of found country (capital, if available
otherwiese country-time) incl. UTC-offset

Wiki-info for each country

Map (google) for each country including zoom-levels (default (let google
descide), country, continent, world)

Switchable map-style (map, satellite, terrain/topo, hybrid, earth)

Switchable time-format 12h (am/pm) or 24h

Switchable distance units (mi. / km)

Sound-effects (on/off via switch or in the settings)

Worked-button, to mark a country as "worked" (stored locally)

Distance from your home-location to country (capital, if available otherwise

QTH-locator (maidenhead) search (4 or 6 digits)

Fulltext search for country, capital, continent, ham-prefix, division number

Callsign search for 11m (QRZ11)


Just download the installer at the link shown below and run it ;-)

Re: QDX 2.0

PostPosted: 22 Aug 2017, 12:56
by 9RC4009
Link is no longer valid. Where can you find this software or is it not available any longer.