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PostPosted: 26 Jan 2018, 22:11
by Pat-29QRZ11
Welcome to the DXCC list, a New one, 352 Division Kosovo.

The powers that be, (ARRL) NOT CB , have made a rule change,
adding a new sub section that allow for more Independent States in the World.

Link here: ... -dxcc-list
DXCC List:

Updated QRZ11 DXCC MAP: useful-tools-f28/qrz11-dxcc-map-t57.html

This also paves the way for more DXCC's like Catalonia,
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to name a few.

For the minute, we have are new 352 Kosovo Division.

And with new DXCC,s come the operators and Activation's.
Alfa Tango, Maik Uniform and International Radio
are promising to have these on the air soon.

Something I'm sure you will agree is a very welcome .

Many thanks to these and other groups who get this
on the air asap.

73s, and good DX