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4 Elements Yagi

4 Elements Yagi

Postby qrz11 » 13 Feb 2011, 14:20

* TNX to 19 SD 348 *



Serious results can be expect when you have a 4 elements Yagi, in most
cases all what the Big-guns are working you will be able to hear and work
the Dx as well.
With the 4 elements yagi we come on a point when we must pay serious
effort to ouwer mast and rotating system. Light 4 element can still be
used with light rotators like channelmaster although their life is reduced
with extra bearings this again is lenght. But better is to put a system on
your mast like a G600 or an equivelent and a heavy duty 4 elements with
this you will have a long lasting solution and one wich is able to make
some great DX-results.

Short version BOOMLENGTH 5,69M Type : HPSD 4 S

Design frequentie = 27,55 Mhz-----A = 4,57 m-----G = - 1,59 m
Gain = 7 dBD---------------------------B = 5,02 m
F/B = 22 dB-----------------------------C = 5,19 m
Beamwith = 85,2 deg----------------D = 5,46 m
Bandwith = 800 Khz------------------E = 2,60 m
Element thickness = 22 mm---------F = 1,50 m


Above mentioned you can see the schematic diagram (not drawn to
scale) and the antenna his radiation pattern in the azimuth plane.

Long version BOOMLENGTH 6,82 m Type HPSD 4 L

Design frequentie 27,55 mhz-----A = 4,935 m-----G = 2,22 m
Gain = 8 dBD-------------------------B = 5,08 m
F/B = 30,2 dB------------------------C = 5,18 m
Bandwith = 700 Khz----------------D = 5,48 m
Beamwith = 67,7 degrees---------E = 2,49 m
Element thickness = 22 mm-------F = 2,01 m

The pattern diffrence from the one mentioned above:

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